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Pebble 2.5 RC 1 released

A big Thank You goes to James Roper for continuing to bring pebble forward. Last week he released pebble 2.5 RC 1 - go ahead, download and test.

Major new features to test in this release include:

  • New plugin manager - the old entering class names and property names manually is gone, and is replaced by a new interface with inline documentation for each plugin. See http://open.jira.com/wiki/display/PEBBLE/Plugin+Development for more information.
  • XSRF protection - Pebble should now be safe from XSRF attacks. If while using Pebble normally, you reach an error page saying "No Security Token", then you have probably encountered a bug. Read http://open.jira.com/wiki/display/PEBBLE/XSRF+Prevention for more information.
  • Facebook OpenID comment authors. This plugin can be enabled in the plugin administration (make sure you read the docs carefully, you need to setup a Facebook application for your blog and enter the ID for it into Pebble for this to work).
  • Twitter integration

Read his original announcement on the pebble mailing list.