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Migrating pebble to open.jira.com

Readers here might know that I've "inherited" the pebble blogging engine - that this site is running on - from Simon Brown.

Currently the project is in the process of being migrated partly to http://open.jira.com/, where atlassian is starting to provide hosting service for open source projects. For me this is exciting. For one, I love Jira and pebble has not have an issue tracker for some time. I expect to get some more visibility for feature suggestions as well as bugs, that would otherwise move downwards in the mailing list history. Hopefully everybody will follow...

Part of the content will remain at sourceforge - I wouldn't give up the homepage and the download statistics we have there, even though there have been some issues with updating the homepage and the release process always takes longer than I suspect. But, the way these services operate, I think it's fine to leverage both for their strengths or the "got used to it" factor.

Also, I needed an excuse to play with git, so I've exported pebble (with git-svn) and made the repository available on github. I expect open.jira.com to be the home of pebble, but if someone feels more comfortable with git, I'll accept patches this way too. I really hope to be able to keep that repository up to date. The geek in me just had to do this.